Brisbane web designers pay attention to new statistics released by eMarketer that show that for the first time adults now spend more time per day on mobile devices than with print media.

Working in the Brisbane Web Design field, these recent statistics do not surprise me, however they are interesting nonetheless. According to the New York-based market research firm, the average US adult (and I think we can safely assume the Australian adult would not be much different) spends 65 minutes a day on their mobile device, while they spend only 44 minutes with print media- 26 minutes with newspapers, and 18 minutes with magazines. This is the first year since eMarketer began recording this information in 2008 that adults have spent more time with mobile devices than with print.

What it confirms is the increasing amount of professionals I see on the bus to the city each morning checking the daily news on their Blackberrys and iPads versus the traditional image of men in suits sitting cross-legged, folding and re-folding their broadsheet newspapers. I’m surprised if I see more than or two physical newspapers per bus these days. It also highlights the importance of good web design and the value apps have on your product, particularly news companies.

Newspapers have been notoriously slow to catch on to this trend and it is only in the past year or two that the major news companies have begun to charge access to their online content. I myself have recently subscribed to The Australian online content for $2.95 a week after constantly being blocked from reading any sort of in-depth article, but was shocked to discover they still do not have a mobile app. While they do have a mobile website and an iPad app, it is statistics such as these that show how important mobile accessibility and web design is for companies.

Another interesting statistic to come of the findings is the discrepancy between advertising funding for print media versus mobile devices. It shows that while consumers have switched their attention from media on paper to the web, advertising companies have not. We can no doubt expect this to change dramatically in the next few years as companies invest more time and energy in their web design, apps, and online content, and less on their broadsheets and glossy magazines.


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