Time Magazine has published its annual “50 Best Websites” list, a combination of recent start-ups, rising stars and increasingly big players on the web.

For anyone in the business of Brisbane Web Design, the Time Magazine 50 Best Websites list is always a fascinating read. It gives web designers an insight into current and future web design trends, as well as shinning a spotlight on some of the most interesting and innovative start-ups you may not have heard of otherwise. Much talked about websites such as Airbnb of course made the list this year, along with a number of start-ups such as Pinterest, as well as some very interesting others.

Below are a few of the most interesting and/or surprising websites to have made the 2011 list:

My Damn Channel

An online streaming website for 5-15 minute ‘TV’ shows (I use quotations because the shows are never actually aired on television) which are produced by the company itself in its own studio. The shows feel like the best of YouTube but with much slicker production. It is worth mentioning HBO Go, HBO’s online streaming website, also made the list, proof that users are moving away from mass produced mainstream TV, and towards specialised niche content made possible by the web.


Big Think

A blog and video website dedicated to big ideas. Riding of the back of websites such as TED, Big Think covers everything from politics, to arts, science, business and history. It has an exceedingly broad range of contributors such as Nobel Prize winning Psychologist Daniel Kahneman, infamous punk musician Henry Rollins and futurist Ray Kurzweil.



Think Yellow pages, but with more business, and with the numbers you actually need. If you need to call Optus about unlocking your iPhone for instance, it will give you the direct number to the iPhone unlocking team, rather than the gruelling process of calling the main switch and going through 17 different voice operated menus just to speak to a human. In cases where there is no direct number it gives you the right menu numbers, the fastest way to speak to a human, and the wait times.


A search engine reminiscent of early Google, but with an emphasis on privacy and an aim of producing filter free search results. It is uses information from crowd sourced websites such as Wikipedia to expand search results and improve relevance. It has no image, news or maps search function, just straightforward, advertisement free, relevant results.  DuckDuckGo also does not store IP addresses, does not log user information and only uses cookies when needed. Founder Gabriel Weinberg states “By default, DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information. That is our privacy policy in a nutshell.”

Dear Photograph

An amazing website with simple instructions: “Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present”. Following in the footsteps of sites like Booooooooom and This Isn’t Happiness it’s less web design and more art- in this case it is user posted photos… of photos.



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