Facebook releases its much anticipated ‘Timeline’ feature in test bed country New Zealand

Brisbane Web Designers will be watching closely at the way our Kiwi neighbours take to the new Facebook feature ‘Timeline’. The Timeline profile is designed to allow users to highlight important events, photos, statuses, comments etc. from the entire life of your Facebook and arrange these in a literal timeline on their profile. As the new web design requires instant access to content that was rarely accessed in the past, Facebook’s servers are in for a bit of a test. Which is why it has chosen an English speaking country with a limited population, and that has a comparatively small number of connections with the rest of the global network to run its trial.

Facebook has stated that New Zealand users will have a 7 day review period, during which their Timeline is only visible to them; while their friends will see their profile as before. Users can opt to publish their Timeline and replace their old profile during the review period, but the Timeline will automatically publish after 7 days.

Earlier this year Facebook gave coders access to the Timeline beta in order to build apps for the new feature. Facebook has stated that it has had over a million coders sign up for the beta access already. “The feedback we’ve received so far has been invaluable,” the company said. “Starting today, we are making Timeline more widely available as we measure speed and other types of performance. We’ll begin by making it available to people in New Zealand and then roll it out more broadly in the near future.”

However with Facebook’s recent Privacy missteps, including the publication of Mark Zuckerberg’s personal photos through a security loophole, the company will hopefully be treading carefully when it comes to the privacy issues surrounding the new web design.  Going back through years of content is highly time consuming and if Facebook doesn’t highlight  the importance of this, then users may find that they have inadvertently given bosses, colleagues and family members access to photos from that party their rather forget or less than tasteful jokes made years ago.

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