Some handy PHP functions we use day to day

We do allot of eccommerce development and decided early on that the best way to avoid strange rounding errors from either PHP or MySQL is to store all prices as cents. These two functions help manipulate that data whether you’re … Continued


Advanced Google Search Operators for SEO

In my last article we looked at some of the common Google search queries including, site:, inurl:, “brackets”, include (+), exclude (-), and the wildcard (*). You can also read my article on using Google operators for SEO. There are … Continued


Breaking down a System

It is important to break the required system (be it a website) down into smaller modules, not only because it helps developers know what needs to be done, but it allows estimation and tracking of each individual module (Humphrey, 1989, … Continued


Google’s New Website Preview Feature

Google have rolled out a new “website preview” feature, changing the way people search yet again. Websites that can be previewed have a little search icon to the right of the link [2], when you hover over this icon it … Continued


TinyMce Video Tutorials – How to use TinyMce

These videos were developed and recorded by kintek.com.au. They are free to use so long as credits are given to kintek.com.au by providing a relfollow back link to our homepage, like so: Web Design Brisbane An indepth look at using … Continued


How to stop WordPress from Hijacking your HTML

While doing my last post I couldn’t get an image aligned the way I wanted it using the default WordPress tools( Insert Image -> align right). I generally prefer to write in HTML because it gives me full control. WordPress … Continued


Finally, a Google made Url Shortener : goo.gl

Google has just announced it’s very own URL shortener: goo.gl. Url shorteners are used to make long url names short and snappy. For example, with goo.gl we can turn this URL: http://kintek.com.au/mobile-application-development, into this: goo.gl/3byP A great feature of goo.gl … Continued


Web Design & Browser Compatibility

A web browser is a program used to access the Internet. Generally speaking web designers will support all the current versions of major web browsers with a market share of 3% or higher. Users of older or less capable web … Continued


How to take a screen shot on Windows and Mac

How to take a Print Screen On Windows First press the “Print Screen” button located on the top right of your keyboard (pictured right). Make sure you have exactly what you are wanting to capture opened at the time. Note: … Continued

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