10 principles of search engine friendly web design

Learn the essentials of search engine friendly web design! A ‘Search Engine Friendly’ website is one that search engines can easily scan and understand; it allows search engines to easily jump from page to page of the website, read content, determine what keywords are relevant, and then deliver search results accordingly.


Learn about your website visitors with Google Analytics

Google Analytics – An Overview Back in April, 2005, Google acquired “Urchin Software Corp” a company renowned for it’s web analytics software. Since then, Google has continued developing and expanding upon the software, which comes to you today in the … Continued

uploading images

How to put photos on a website

A Tutorial for uploading images Without getting technical and looking at this from a web developers perspective, there are numerous ways to display pictures on your website, or personal page (ie. Myspace, Facebook, etc). There are websites out there that … Continued

google street view

Google Street View

Over the years Google has out done itself again and again, starting out as a simple search engine, and quickly more useful features were added. Most people would agree Google maps was one of the most ground breaking achievements to … Continued


How to Save Money on a Website

Do some of the ground work and save yourself money!

Make sure you know why you want a website and what you want your website to do for you. Write down some broad goals. This will help us understand your website requirements and find a solution to best suit your needs. We will help you break down your goals into achievable milestones.


6 tips to improve results from your website

Keep it simple.
The best designs are the ones that are not noticed and do not detract from the message of the site. Most successful sites use a white background and black text or a background colour that doesn’t obscure any text.


The basics of Podcasting

Key concepts Quick definitions
Put simply, ‘Podcasting’ is audio content that is distributed over the Internet. Think of it as radio on demand.

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