How facebook can help you build your business

If you don’t already have a facebook page for your business then now’s the time to get started!
Social networking has taken the world by storm providing businesses with new ways of reaching and advertising to their target audience. Facebook pages are increasingly becoming an essential marketing and communication tool for businesses. It’s never been easier to interact with your community, broadcast timely information and attract new customers.


Are your calls to action working?

Find out how visitors interact with your site with Google’s latest release: In-Page Analytics. This feature gives you a visual representation of what links visitors click and how they interact with your site. It shows you the clickthrough rate on each of your page links as a percentage. This visual representation of your visitors movement’s is invaluable.

6 ways to earn the trust of potentional buyers

Testimonials are a fantastic way of building trust and credibility. If you’re not already actively solicitng testimonials from your customers, start now! Customers love to know that they are buying from a popular, respected source and they love to feel part of a community.


Are you on the Google Local Business Listing?

If not, you are missing out on some great SEO Most Business owners market their products to a specific geographic market / location. This can be done in a number of ways; direct marketing, snail-mail, coupons, word of mouth etc. … Continued

10 principles of search engine friendly web design

Learn the essentials of search engine friendly web design! A ‘Search Engine Friendly’ website is one that search engines can easily scan and understand; it allows search engines to easily jump from page to page of the website, read content, determine what keywords are relevant, and then deliver search results accordingly.


Learn about your website visitors with Google Analytics

Google Analytics – An Overview Back in April, 2005, Google acquired “Urchin Software Corp” a company renowned for it’s web analytics software. Since then, Google has continued developing and expanding upon the software, which comes to you today in the … Continued

vital marketing

Viral Marketing – The best job in the world

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tourism Queensland’s ‘Best job in the world’ campaign by now – $150,000 for a six-month stint as caretaker on the Great Barrier Reef’s Hamilton Island. What’s involved? Key responsibilities include snorkeling, swimming, exploring neighboring islands … Continued

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