Being a web designer in Brisbane means we get lots of enquiries asking “what features can I add to my Ecommerce?”, “How can I streamline my business using Australia Post or eParcel integration?”, “What’s the best way to reach out to my customers?”

The simple answer is: every business is different, and we can suggest a range of ideas tailored to suit your customers needs. So if you have any specific questions about anything talked about in the article don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss how we can built these tools into your website.

Product Tracking

Giving your customers the ability to view their tracking status means less emails, less communication, and more informed customers. Being able to log into the website any time and see where your product is can be very exciting. I often use this myself and it will reduce your support time in dealing with customers who have concerns over delayed packages because they can see for themselves that their products were shipped and with AusPost.

Facebook Login & Signup

With over 50% of people using Facebook Login / Sign Up to shop with Ecommerce stores, it really shows how streamlining the ordering process is a big tick in consumers eyes. Not only that, but it gives you more data about your customers, it can tell you their age, name, email address, address, and more. In addition you can allow them to easily share content and offers with their friends, a great example would be a 5% off coupon to share with friends via Facebook after they have completed their order, or if they share their order on their wall.

YouTube videos

Videos are great for brand loyalty, consumer trust, and SEO. If you produce a lot of video content we suggest building a feature into your website which lets you tick a video from a list of your Youtube Videos or paste in a custom YouTube link in and have it appear on any product page or other page. That way you can quickly produce product reviews and other tip videos which will enhance the tangibility of your products and the personal connection you share with your customers.

eBay Integration

If you’re interested in selling your products on eBay, eBay offers some powerful integration functionality which lets you either post products directly to their normal system, or to operate a shop on eBay which also links back through in your existing website. This can be a huge source of qualified buyer traffic, and can open you up to the international market.


If you’re in the fortunate position that you have a thriving online business and large happy customer base, you can offer features that most start up websites can’t make viable.

Building a community around your brand can really increase sales. It’s possible that if done correctly you could build a Forum where your customers can get together and create a dialogue around some of the content you discuss on your website or blog. User contributed content is the future, and giving your customers a place and a voice is the best enabler of long term loyalty.

Mobile Device Compatibility

As Mobile Device penetration increases at a rapid pace, you should consider the users that will be accessing your website form a mobile device, particularly the growing iPad, iPhone customer, and Android customer base.

Having an administration panel so you can make changes on the go could be a real time saver also.

A mobile website gives you the ability to offer better conversions to your mobile customers and good search engine rankings for mobile customers as Google starts to rank websites based on their mobile compatibility for mobile customer searches.

Urgency / Time Based Offers

We’ve built tools in the past that let you offer products on special with a time based count down and even feature this on your facebook profile. Facebook custom tab development really lets you get down to your users level, and advertise to them where they all hangout.

If you put up a daily or weekly deal then you might find people will check back often looking for a bargain.

Wish List

You mentioned the desire for a wish list system, which would let users add to wish list and keep that saved in their account for when they next return. This is something we have in our Ecommerce Package.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be a great gift if they’re implemented correctly. We’ve built for one of our customers the ability for people to buy gift vouchers and receive a PDF gift voucher online, which they can print out and give to someone with a code they can type into the website.

A big advantage of this is you get a beautifully designed PDF version you can print out, and there’s no overhead of emailing, printing, sending, confirming, and redeeming.


Google+ is Googles answer to Facebook. It is gaining momentum. Take a look and signup a Google+ Business page because they are great for a free back link and as they gain in popularity we can look at inegrating potential social media functionality which leverages that new and growing customer base.

If you have any other ideas please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them!

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