G+ is great for separating what you share between users and groups of friends. I have a personal Gmail account which I want to use for myself (this one), and I also have an Apps email address for the company I work for (which now also has a G+ account).

I don’t particularly want to maintain two accounts, especially my user profile, content updates, circling, etc, and I certainly don’t want two versions of me online.

If I start adding people to my Google Plus Apps account, and I find it’s not working well, then I have to re-add people it to my personal account and people who followed me will be lost.

If I add them to my personal account and I find it’s not working and want to add them to my apps account, same deal.

Ideally I want them linked somehow, but logistically I can see that’s probably not possible… or at least probably not something Google will be adding as it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare.

Google has some awesome products, and some of them would work really well if you could share them between accounts. Obviously Gmail can’t be shared, but is there a better way? Or is this just the unfortunate truth.

The alternative suggested by Madhava Jay is to have Google Plus Apps accounts private, and you can only invite people to add you. At this stage the only feature an apps user has over a regular user is the ability to share with your company. If there are more features in the pipeline I would love to know what they are so I can make an educated decision now rather than have to rebuild from scratch in a few months.

For now I’m going to delete my Apps G+ account, and only use my personal one.

Madhava’s Response:

Yes, I agree, and it’s kind of the reason I dont have a work Facebook account. I think if Google wants G+ to be an identity service then they shouldn’t create that division.

I just deleted my Work Google apps plus account. Why? Because people I know were adding me not understanding that this isn’t my private account, and I don’t want to create a series of confusing conversations between multiple profiles.

Tonnes of people have Gmail accounts, so chances are people exposed to Google Business Apps will already have a public Google+ Account, but even if they didnt they sure as hell wouldn’t want their work account to be their main account, after all their admins can view / edit / delete their content and what if they change jobs in the future.

Google needs to move to a system where you can PLUG your Google+ Profile / personality INTO a businesses Google Apps Account system.

So that you become an employee with a google account? Hell, because public consumer Google accounts are free, there’s no reason why Google Apps Premiere shouldn’t function like that.

Step 1) What is your personal account
Step 2) how do you want your email, calendar docs etc managed

For example, I dont want my private and work emails combined, thats stupid. But I do want my calendars combined.

My work calendar and private calendar effect each other in very real ways. Do I have a meeting on today, hmmm.. better wear a decent shirt.

I think privacy wise you usually want work content exposed to your private account but not the other way around. Of course there will be companies who want their email or docs accessible outside their network, but that’s okay it should be optional for the Admin.

I would like to recieve them together in one account, but note to Google, I want to easily be able to separate them too.

Oh, and while I’m on the multi account rant: Why does Chrome do such a bad job of allowing multi-signin? Why, do we have to resort to using Incognito mode just to access our secondary accounts?

And what if like many others we have tonnes of client accounts that need managing?

Also, on a side note, sorry but I hate personalized search. So does everyone else in the SEO industry. Can we please have a “NO don’t personalize my search” option? Otherwise again, I’ll be forced to launch Incognito mode to check some rankings.

Back to apps, so yeah… its not going to work unless users can come and go from companies and take some level of their personal graph with them when they leave.

I guess the question becomes what is public and what is private? I think the best bet would be that all Google+ functionality is public and acts like twitter, if you say something on behalf of your company then its public and you should be careful.

Then perhaps add an apps layer for say, internal collaboration which is ALWAYS private like docs, unless someone is specifically invited.

That data can stay with the company when an employee leaves but they can take their public content with them as that was JOE BLOWS talking to the world from that company, and people may want to look up their past online and what they said while working for another company.

Also make sure you don’t charge companies to keep data for each ex-employee at the cost of a regular employee. I dont want to be charged $50 US for each person who quit into the indefinite future, but I do think you should warehouse their data for me forever! :P

Sorry Google but you have risen the bar pretty high on free, so you’ll just have to deliver on that one.

Yeah so back to syncing, why does syncing multiple accounts on my Android device suck so much?

I have a Nexus S, so until the end of the month it’s the greatest Google sanctioned phone in existence.

Problem I kept having? Well apps of course. It would switch the account it was syncing my apps to for no apparent reason, and if I changed it back, it would just change back again. There was no option to not sync apps to a specific profile which I think needs fixing.

So of course I deleted my other account and signed up a Google+ account with my personal Google apps. Not to be confused with my work google apps of course :P I am one of those freaks who uses Google Business Apps FOR my personal email.

So yes, thank you for adding the ability to add google+ profiles to apps otherwise I would be stuck with my renamed gtemp shadow account routed through my main apps accounts catch all, not syncing my apps correctly on my phone and it was starting to drive me nuts.


Right so, chrome…. i love it.

Please please please port chrome to Android ASAP, with remote debugger and to iOS with remote debugger also.

You will make my life as a mobile web developer HEAVEN.

Oh also just for LOLs do it for Win Phone 7 too.

Is it just me or is there absolutely no way to debug JS errors in IE9 on Win phone 7? Like seriously… did they seriously learn nothing from the last 10 years of browser wars and cocked up yet another release cycle of the worlds worst and most fragmented browser.

IE version fragmentation makes Android fragmentation look almost not that bad.

But seriously Google. Put your foot down. You should create a new Android Certification LOGO which says this device will be supported for at least say… 2 years of android updates, or 2 versions of android or something.

I know you can’t force OEMs to release newer versions if they have access to the crappy old versions and AOSP, but… if you create a certification badge you can get the consumers to rally to demand that these stupid companies support their products. I mean really, I think considering there are 0 day rootkit exploits out there for most versions of Android that it’s DISGUSTING that OEMs would abandon phones after less than a year.

How ironic that so many Android fan boys think they have more choice and better freedom than Apple users. Unless you buy the highest end Android device, which costs the same or more than an iPhone 4S, you will shafted.

Should you have to root your own phone just so that it doesn;t get rootKitted by some 0 day malware, via the android market, a web page, or a qr code? I think not.

Also, Nexus S… please release Ice Cream Sandwich already!

Cheers Google,
Long time fan, constructive critic!

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    Its quite fascinating to have your Google Plus account private.I like the suggestion.Thanks

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