Yesterday we received some just criticism from an awesome app development company in Croatia, Infinum. They were understandably surprised to find a website that looks too inspired to have been a coincidence. We are honourable and will accept the egg on our face when the egg is deserved.

You may think Australians are like this:


We’re really more like this:



We posted an article on content plagerism back in 2011. This was written in response to a company in our own city stealing the actual content from our site, word for word. This was at the time far more serious as this affected rankings more than it does now. We’ve also been victim to design plagiarism before, and our customers websites have been copy + pasted on more than one occasion.

Luckily in this case you don’t need to contact the USA / WIPO regarding DMCA, they are probably already reading this somewhere at the NSA and having a laugh. :)


There was some criticism on the Infinum blog post comments about them over-reacting. For example:

“I dont agree with any of this… Your web site isnt unique, I’ve seen this same design over and over again, I have even, without knowing about “infinum”, designed sites with similar layout. What are you afraid of? Because the only tone I got out of your writing was fear.”
“Honestly who cares that they copied your stupid website. This happens all the time and no one else writes a stupid blog like this. Unclassy. 6 months really? This article just pisses me off in general. There is NOTHING unique about this site. You should feel flattered that someone had the nerve to copy your design. Get a life dude.”

Funnily enough for the most part we don’t agree, they have an awesome site. Having spent a lot of time on Infinum site we can see the deliberate placement of items and use of different design ideas, and at it’s core it really is a beautiful website. This is why we kept coming back to it.

Lessons Learnt

All companies, large and small, can get into the public interest (or online interest in this case) now and again. This is the first time this has happened to us in 11 years of being a business.

One lesson learnt is firstly, always give credit where credit is due. While we were designing our new site we would constantly refer to the Infinum site and people would say “make it more like that’. Our designers unfortunately kept going back to how well your site is designed. Before launching we should have contacted you instead of flying under the radar.

Measuring Marketing

Our new site only launched about 3 weeks ago. With the launch of the new site we released: PortKit: UX Metaphor Equivalents for iOS & Android. This post has gotten worldwide attention, and had we not posted this we’re quite sure we never would have crossed paths. We’re glad we did meet, even if it was under strange circumstances. It’s an interesting experience and something we will learn from.

Final Thoughts

We are sorry to have made you upset, We are not sorry for putting that “grin on my face the entire morning” and writing such a passionate and humorous blog post.

We do agree that we have over-stepped the line of flattery vs plagiarism. Please give us time and we will try and rectify this as soon as we get a chance.

Integrity also means admitting when you are wrong.

In response to “not send the Croatian immigration in Australia (known for working as bouncers and construction workers) knocking at your door.” You and your Croatian buddies are welcome to come see us in Australia and the beer will be on us. :)

Unfortunately our beer is really terrible compared to yours. We hope you’ll forgive us for that too.

- Kintek

  • Ross Cousens

    Classy response! I think you handled this well :)

    • John

      It’s classy to post a recent article with a date of June 27, 2011, so that no readers of their blog will ever see it (beyond a direct link)?

    • Andrej Grahek

      There is absolutely nothing classy about this post. There is some class in Nicole and Hugh, but other than that this post is complete senseless bullshit with no coherent flow.

      There is class in some articles Ross, this is not one of them.

  • donutdan4114

    If you’re going to “apologize” you should be more clear, serious, and to the point. This post beats too much around the bush, and has tones of “yea we copied the shit out of your site, but you should be flattered.”

  • Igor

    Why are you guys putting guys in “We are not…” and “We are more like…”? :-)
    Okay, Nicole is here, but still unfair.

  • digitalmaster

    Well.. this escalated quickly!

  • Andrej Grahek

    This post is a poor response to the article published by Infinum. It really shows how immature you are. It is incoherent, there is no clear aim to it, there is way too much senseless bullshit and it is (again) a copy and redo version of their post.

    You really showed how incompetent you are with this one. Bravo.

    • jrpereira

      It’s way too easy to demonize people, and a bit harder to understand that everyone will f*ck up once in a while. It does take balls to come out and put this on their own website, where their own customers can see it. This is as good as it gets, and it’s a ballsy move.

      • Andrej Grahek

        What you say is true and I agree with that, but you have to understand that there is a difference between saying “Sorry, you got us, we copied your website because we thought it was cool.” and writing a ‘witty’ post like this where you covertly try to incorporate an apology into jokes and similes but are at the same time not committed enough to doing it and because of that post an incoherent article like this that just doesn’t get to the point. It tries to, but actually doesn’t try to at the same time and because of that comes of fake and dishonest.

        Again, I sadly must say, a childish move with no amount of balls in it, only recycled jokes and self-righteous smirking.

        • jrpereira

          I get that, but I think they achieve a good balance with their apology, even if they try to do it standing up. I mean, it’s one thing to come out and apologize, while at the same time telling a truthful story of why it happened. It’s another thing to come out in white robes. humiliate yourself and ask the masses for forgiveness – that’ll never happen anyway.

          Frankly, I read their text and I understand the apology and the story behind it. It seems humane and real, which is MUCH better than just saying “sorry” when in fact you’re just “sorry for being caught”.

          In a comparable situation, this would have been good enough for me, even a good excuse for Friday jokes and sharing a pint down the line, but I guess not everyone is or has to be as forgiving. :)

  • Simon

    Two of the Australians you posted pictures of are not Australian.

  • Jessica Darko

    Ok, this is obviously a hoax, no way anyone is that stupid.

  • Derek

    Hey Kintek.. Dont quote me. >:P

  • Doug Kessler

    Good response. You admit you crossed the line, apologised and promised you’d fix the issue. Can’t ask for much more.

    • jrpereira

      Too bad people would still rather just stir things up and can’t take a honest (and very public) apology.

      • Andrej Grahek

        Honest and very public?

        - Its hidden in the blog history with an absurdly old date (there goes the public part).
        - It never admits anything only beats around the bush and fools around (there goes the honesty).

        There is nothing honest and public about this post jrpereira, it is a must-do post they published for the other company to get of their back. (And to restore some dignity – which in your eyes they obviously did, but in mine… lost even more.)

        • jrpereira

          There’s truth to your words. But also, they are a business, there’s no point in exposing this on their frontpage. I mean, c’mon, would you publish this on the frontpage of your business for every customer to see? Few would. So be as it may, while not perfect, it’s better than the typical nothing you get on this kind of situation.

  • Gasper Sopi

    First of all, you should make sure you don’t hire designers that take “great artists steal” thingie way to literally. Second of all, should you still manage to hire one, right about now is the time to send him for coffee, and change locks.

  • Cole Townsend

    This is shit. The site was completely plagiarized. Love how it is so watered down and circuitous in admitting guilt.

  • Dimitris R Havlidis

    Well done guys. just well done.

  • jensscholz

    How is this Article “posted on June 27, 2011 at 11:35 am.” ?

    • Caleb Kester

      I’m guessing to hide it in their blog history

  • jrpereira

    Guys, excellent post. I mean, recognizing the fault and explaining the process that lead to it in such a candid and public matter is the way to go. I wish more people had the balls to come out and just say “yeah, we f*cked up”.

    So, props for stepping up, and hopefully you’ll soon come out with a new redesign, because judging from your other work, you’re clearly capable!

  • grahamix

    Russell Crowe, that famous son of… New Zealand.

  • Patrick Rogan

    You’re kidding, right? You’re making it seem as though it was just incidental, when it was clearly deliberate to copy it and hide it and totally not an oops moment. In my early days of my design career, as I’m sure is the same for many, I deliberately did the same thing, and that’s completely stupid and unprofessional. Like the Good Book says, walk in the light. That way, all your works are known and you have nothing to hide and make petty excuses for without really apologizing.

  • bruce

    Not classy at all. You people are too much immature. Grow up kids.

  • David Cousens

    Plagiarism for the pedantic

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