Google Chrome’s Password Manager

If you use Chrome you may have noticed the “save password” prompts whenever you sign into a website. What you might not have known is that Google Chrome has a system similar to LastPass that saves your passwords, where you can search and even show your passwords in plain text.

Just go to settings -> advanced -> password manager. Or copy this into your Chrome browser omnibox: chrome://chrome/settings/passwords

The fall of LastPass

Everyone in my office is always complaining about LastPass. Their form filling options are annoying at the best of times. Their interface is ugly, and their Chrome Extension is embarrassing. I’ve used LastPass for years, and for years I couldn’t shake the dirty feeling I had storing some of my most important passwords with a company I don’t know allot about. They’ve never had a real security breach, and their IP recognition to re-set your password is quite impressive so I’ve stayed with them.

However I feel like Google could, and should, do it better.

In technology there is a very fine line between loving a system and throwing it to the curb. I remember how much I used to love Firefox, and then Google Chrome came along and now Firefox seems like a bad dream. (A quick digression: The ONLY feature Firefox has that I know about that Google Chrome should adopt is the CTRL + Click to copy specific cells or entire columns / rows in a table.)

Google Password Vault

Imagine how nice it would be to have LastPass style vault that looks like Google docs.

One added level of data protection I would like to see would be to re-enter your account login information to access this vault. Currently when signed into Chrome it’s so easy to access your LastPass passwords, or Google Chrome stored passwords. If you use 2 step verification then this vault would be even harder to gain access too, as we’ve all read about poor Mat Honan’s hacking recently.

Plus, imagine how great this would be for the enterprise! If Google Enterprise Accounts had this you might have a shared ‘vault’ for your staff. This might be the logins for various websites you work on, and maybe your staff can’t actually access the vault or see / change passwords, but they could use it. They could also use their own vault for whatever they wanted.

Now, imagine sharing passwords between staff. Imagine the awesome integration into your smart phone’s chrome browser, or a dedicated mobile application.

I really hope Google do this soon.

  • juraci


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