Its mid-2012 and there still doesn’t appear to be a good competitor to the iPad from any Android tablet manufacturers.

iOS 6 is bringing Siri to The New iPad with Retina display and Apple appears to be leaving Google’s Tablet OS and its devices in the dust.

There are rumours swelling of a Nexus tablet which Google has been working on with another hardware partner to finally show the OEMs how an Android tablet should be done.

Just like the Nexus Phones, the HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a Google Nexus Tablet would be an Android Developer targeted device with the latest build of Android OS and good hardware.

People are suggesting that the OS build shipping with the Nexus Tablet will likely be Jelly Bean. Another leak recently suggested that Jelly Bean will indeed be version 4.1 not 5.0 as some people were anticipating.

To compete with the iPad it is likely this device will have to be cheaper and therefore smaller than the iPad.

The Kindle Fire has done very well so most people are guessing the Nexus Tablet will be a 7 inch affair with a resolution of about 1024 x 600.

This would mean the resolution should be fairly sharp for a device of that size, although it falls short of 720p which is a little unfortunate for those hoping for a cheap HD video player.

Rumours also indicate an announcement date sometime in June/July 2012 and a price tag of $200 dollars.

If Google can really show how an Android Tablet should work and continue to support the device with OS updates there might just be enough interest from consumers to drive another wave of good tablets from the OEM manufacturers and get Android tablets up on par with the iPad.

However it’s getting harder and harder to catch up. Not just because of the larger available base of iOS app developers but also because of the huge number of businesses who have invested in iOS and iPads to deliver tablet experiences.

The cost difference between an iPad and an Android Tablet is fairly negligible in small volumes compared with the cost of custom software development required to leverage them.

If companies already have a large investment in iPads then redevelopment to change over to Android becomes less and less attractive.

Meanwhile the web has forged forwards in terms of Mobile Compatible Web Development and fortunately both tablet OSes provide state of the art Webkit based browsers which respond well to the latest in responsive design.

Google I/O 2012 is around the corner and no doubt so is the Nexus Tablet. Only time will tell if it can make a dent in the consumer tablet market or win the hearts of business owners.

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