From Madhava, a Brisbane Web Designer: UPDATE: This problem is now solved by a newer version of Navicat. Thanks for everyones contributions to this thread and may Ntunnel rock on! :)

Navicat MySQL 8.0.29 can’t connect to ntunnel_mysql.php Connection Error: 101 – wininet error # 126 : (Unknown WININET error)

Ok here’s a really strange one, if you’re reading this page your probably a website designer and you no doubt have the same error above as I did.

After lots of testing and Googling I have concluded the following:

  • The problem is due to wininet.dll in the C:windowssystem32 directory.
  • The problem might in part be caused by Internet Explorer 8, apparently other users are reporting other similar errors since installing Microsofts latest FAIL piece of software.
  • The problem seems to only effect Vista, (I am on SP1) however my Windows 7 build 7000 system was unaffected as was XP.

The solution?

People have been talking about replacing the dll with one from XP. I was hesitant to replace my Vista dlls with ones from half a decade ago. Instead I opted for the working Win7 Beta dll :)

EDIT: If you don’t have a good wininet.dll handy, google around or download this one. Just remember I am not responsible if you damage your own system.

Download my wininet.dll from Windows 7 Beta build 7000

You will need WinRar to extract the archive

It worked!

The only issue I had was actually replacing the file as it’s a system file and windows doesn’t take kindly to our kind around those parts.

I backed up my old file and then copied the Win7 version to my local machine.

The next step was to gain ownership of the file so I could replace it.

Step 1)

I downloaded a reg script which adds Right-Click “Take Ownership” functionality to your user account.

After I ran the reg file, I right clicked on the file C:windowssystem32wininet.dll

Step 2)

To be sure, to be sure, I ran a command line ownership from my Administrator Level Command Prompt.

takeown /f c:windowssystem32wininet.dll

Step 3)

I then downloaded a nifty application called Replacer:

Once running, I typed:

At the first prompt: “C:windowssystem32wininet.dll” <- this is my current version which must die

At the second prompt: “C:wininet.dll” <- this is the version I copied from my Win7 Build 7000 Beta box.

After a reboot my Navicat MySQL was connecting to ntunnel connections again.


Good bye: wininet error # 126 : (Unknown WININET error). There might be some official fixes for this from Navicat and or Microsoft in the near future, but in the mean time this works.

Many of the other applications that use wininet.dll don’t seem to have problems so I am not sure what the conflict with Navicat is directly.

I have tested this on two machines here at our Website Design Brisbane office now and both work great.

I am sure I won’t be the only person with Vista, IE8 and Navicat MySQL wanting to use an ntunnel connection.

Good luck!

  • Sietze

    Where can I find the wininet.dll if I don’t have the windows7 installed somewehere? Could you please provide a link?

    • madhava

      I have edited the post and provided a link to my version of the file.
      Please be careful.

      I suggest you create a System Restore point before you replace the dll, in case anything goes wrong.

      Good luck! :)

  • Sietze

    Hi madhava,

    Thanks a lot for the quick response, it worked within a few seconds! I already got tired of using phpMyAdmin for a few hours, so this tutorial was really helpfull! Keep up the good work!

    Greetings :)

    • madhava

      I am glad I could help! :)


  • Ofer

    Great, thanks a lot for this post, helped alot.

  • Phroggar

    Thanks a lot.. worked like a charm

  • Vista64

    Does not work with Vista x64. It nearly killed my whole system!

    • madhava

      I did say “Just remember I am not responsible if you damage your own system.”
      I am not surprised x64 bit Vista didn’t like that dll, either its not compatible because its not 64bit, or its signed differently to your Vista files. You can disable driver signing but its not recommended.

      You could try getting the dll from a 64bit version of XP or Win7. The Windows 7 RC is available for download from Microsoft so you could always try that.

      Good luck.

  • Luc

    Thanks matey, I made it to the replacer step but it tells me:

    * wininet.dll
    -Replacing system file
    ! Copy Failed.

    Press any key to quit

    I’ve tried the replacer in both Administrator mode and normal user mode. I have the files in the same locations as you do above and the ownership step worked successfully so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Any ideas?

    Cheers, Luc

  • Luc

    ahhh, I see now. I looks like I didn’t actually do the Replacer in Administrator mode – this little point was missing from the steps. Teaches me for been so literal.

  • Ciaran

    Hey, Thanks a lot for this tip!

    Should point out that the replacer utility will not replace from a network drive so best to save the downloaded dll to C:wininet.dll


  • Another Vistax64′er

    Can anyone post a link to Windows 7 x64 wininet.dll?

  • Angie

    Thanks so much! Damn you IE8! It worked perfectly, I was annoyed as hell when I couldn’t connect to our Linux servers at work from my home. Now every connection works like a charm again. Although it WAS a good excuse for not putting in extra hours :) .

  • Luc

    I keep coming back here because Vista automatically updates itself (this is the third time now!).

    Actually – I just downloaded the latest version of Navicat from and this problem seems to be fixed now. Woo!

  • space


    install IE 9 , then Problem is fixed

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