Apple Love!

On the 12th day of Christmas, Apple gave to me:

Apple WWDC 2012 WWDC 2012 iTunes v11 iTunes 11 OSX Mountain Lion 10.8 OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 7.9 inch iPad mini 7.9 inch iPad Mini 8 Pin Lightning Connector 8 pin Lightning Connector 7th Gen iPod Nano 7th Gen iPod Nano iOS 6 iOS 6 iPhone 5 iPhone 5 Xcode v4.5 Xcode 4.5 3rd Gen Apple TV 3rd Gen Apple TV windows iCloud control planel v2.1 Windows iCloud CP v2.1 mac book pro retina screen and a Mac Book Pro Retina screeen!

Want some more? See this years Google 12 Days of Christmas, and last years Google 12 Days of Christmas!

  • Simon Lang

    Love it. Merry Christmas guys :)

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