Often I find myself wanting to read an article with my mobile I’ve found whilst browsing the internet on my desktop. My first approach was to email it to myself, this worked fine but sometimes it took a while for the email to come through and it was frustrating having to wait. Next I figured that the problem was really typing long addresses into my phone, so I started using Google’s url shortner which drastically shortned the amount of typing. This worked well in shortning the amount of characters I had to enter for a url but the shortened urls where always a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers which are quite annoying to have to type in.

Then at Kintek we took on the development for a couple of interesting web applications that made use of QR Codes as part of social media campaigns. QR Code (Quick Response Code) simply a matrix barcode made up of a pattern of square dots that a QR Code scanner can interupt into a string of text. Now when I want to open a web page on my phone that I have open on my browser I simply convert it into QR Code and my QR Code scanner takes care of the rest. To convert a URL into a QR Code you can either use a website like goqr.me or by clicking ‘details’ in Google url shortner where you can copy and paste the url into a textbox and have the code displayed on the screen. Better still you can add an extension to your browser to even further streamline the process:

QR Code Scanners:

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