As a Email Marketing Company in Brisbane, we know just how hard some email clients are to work with. Email Clients are like Web Browsers in that they are all different.

There are two main kinds of Email Clients: Desktop Clients and Web Mail (three if you include smart phones).

Web Mail, including popular clients like Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail / AOL are generally very similar with only slight variations.

Desktop clients like Outlook 2003, Thunderbird and Mac Mail are also generally pretty easy to work with.

Outlook 2007 is the email client that causes the most problems. Because of the compatibility issues with Outlook 2007 which has roughly 25% market share, the email marketing industry has had to set the bench mark on what can be included, and how templates are created based on Outlook 2007′s less than optimal rendering engine. Therefore there are some limitations in what layout’s can be achieved. These are the limitations of the Microsoft Software, and not something we can control. At Kintek we ensure newsletter designs work within outlook 2007 and as we optimise for the most difficult email client first, the designs always look great in other popular email clients as well. We also test newsletters in major email clients to make sure there are no issues. Due to the large number of mail clients we cannot support them all.

What about Corporate Environments?

Some companies use a specific email client throughout their entire organisation. Lotus Notes is a good example as it only has 1.3% of the market share, but larger companies might have thousands of employee’s using it.

Understanding what the majority of your target market uses can help a lot. Older versions of Lotus Notes require specific changes to the template, whereas Lotus Notes 7+ is easier to work with. If there is a specific mail client your audience uses, make sure to let us know so that we can ensure your template works where it needs to!

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