Should you be using Google AdSense on your site?

Today we are going to talk about whether or not you should look at incorporating Google AdSense into your site. The short answer is, unless you have really high traffic (10′s of thousands of visitors per month), then probably not. … Continued


Why NFC Should Replace RFID In Credit Cards

With millions of new credit cards being shipped with RFID chips, the big question is how secure are they really. Well they are and they aren’t. Dangers Using an RFID scanner, you can scan the tag from a credit card … Continued


WordPress Multi-Site No Longer Works

The Dangers of WordPress Multi-Site A couple of months ago we started work on a multi site wordpress install. Everything was working smoothly. We pushed the codebase up to our staging site with no dramas. Now a couple of months … Continued


Zend DB and Joins

Today I came accross an interesting ‘feature’ in Zend DB Queries. I was doing a join onto a table to fetch a row, and then trying to delete it. Only every time I tried to delete, it was throwing a … Continued

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