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This is obviously the most important step, but funnily enough in our experience it’s sometimes over looked. If you haven’t played with an iPhone before you should go to your closest Brisbane (or local) phone shop and pick it up and press all the buttons. Seriously, the more you use it the more you’ll understand how it works.

Technology Expectations

The iPhone, and Smart Phone industry in general, has brought forward a whole new dimension to how we use technology. It’s important to know exactly what capabilities the device has, and how each of them work. The iPhone has a gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, camera, microphone, web browser, built in GPS and more. Now although these features are baked in your iPhone, it doesn’t mean each can be easily manipulated for complicated applications (for example augmented reality).

An Idea

You can’t have an iPhone App developed if you don’t know what you want to put in it. This can be as simple as a brochure ware version of your website with a contact form, services page and Google Maps with GPS location, and can be as complex as a fully fledged SaaS (Software as a service) that has scheduling and PDF document printing.

It’s good to consider what is necessary asap, and what can be built into the app later on if it’s successful. Although it can seem like you may need every feature from the get go, the faster you can have people downloading and using your app, the faster you can not only make money from it, but receive user feedback and tailor the app to the communities demands.

Does your app already exist?

There are lots of apps, currently over 300,000 and more are being added all the time. It’s recommended to think of a few keywords that sum up the app you’re trying to build, and then check the Apple App Store and Google to make sure it hasn’t been done before.

The reason for checking Google is apps generally have a website or landing page, and these pages are likely to have keywords related to the app you’re looking for which can make finding them easier than on the app store.

Where will the content come from?

To have an app you’ll need content. An app can run off an existing website’s database with the ability to use a CMS, or it can be a stand alone program with all the content built in. These two types of apps are called Web Apps and Native Apps. If the app’s going to need internet connectivity you’ll generally want some sort of CMS to be able to keep it up to date. The other alternative is to release a new version of the app for users to download.

If your app requires content to be updated online then you will need a web service as well. This is where an web design and development company like Kintek can provide a good solution.

Project Specification & Wireframes

It’s always good know more or less what needs to be displayed on each screen, how it will be displayed, what functionality will be required to make it functional, and how it should interact with the touch interface, etc.

Wireframes are awesome, theres no question. We use and recommend using Balsamiq. It gives you beautiful wireframes which have a ‘hand written’ touch to them. Wireframes are primarily used to spec out functionality without getting caught up in colors, layout, font’s etc. Once the project definition is finished, wireframes can also be great to decide on the layout of all the elements.

This project specification and wire-framing is a process we’re happy to help our clients with.

Get your iPhone App developed asap!

There are lots of entrepreneurs around, and chances are if you’ve got an awesome idea someone else might come up with it sooner rather than later.

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