Our Project Planning Process

For a successful project everyone needs to be talking the same language, and this can only be achieved through proper planning. The goal of our planning strategy is to have a documented plan which can be quoted and scheduled for development with you. Below is a basic guide to our planning & strategy

  1. We arrange a meeting at the Kintek office to go over your project in detail. During this meeting our developers will discuss your projects high level concept and delve into some of the projects more specific requirements.
  2. After the meeting our developers will investigate any unanswered questions and convey the project requirements to our team.
  3. Once the UX Designers have been briefed they will create Wireframes (visual blueprints) for key sections of the application.
  4. From these Wireframes our developers will create a description of the components required to develop your project.
  5. Finally we will provide an SDD (Software Design Description) which contains suggestions and opinions on the projects viability. The document will contain wireframes and a list of required functionality. Development will be staggered into stages where possible and these will contain high level price and time frame estimates. Depending on the viability or unknowns we may suggest the development of a functional prototype to further improve the accuracy of the cost and time frame estimates.

Project Lifecycle

1. Discover

What’s your idea? If your idea is confidential we’re happy to provide your company with an NDA. Then we’re free to ask you lots of questions and understand exactly what you’re after.

2. Plan

Planning the scope, requirements, and feasibility is key to a successful application. Depending on how big your project is we spend 5 to 15 hours creating a detailed scope, discuss any extra development or functionality needed, do competitive research, and finally put together detailed wireframes.

Then we know exactly what you need and how to build it making development a breeze!

3. Design

We want to create something that keep users wanting to come back. We take this stage very seriously and will work with you to create something truly memorable.

You’ll work with our award winning design team to craft something truly unique.

4. Build

We’re proud of our development process, and make testing and quality assurance just as important as building the application. We believe in transparency and you can keep up to date on your project any time with our management tools.

Using a hybrid scrum / kanban agile methodology we combine solid planning with flexibility to produce creative & innovative applications for our customers.

We build bug tracking and customer feedback features right into our products. Not only does this mean you can easily provide feedback, but you can receive important feedback from your customer base during development or once the application is out in the wild.

5. Launch

Launching your app is an exciting time, and we’ll help every step of the way. From setting up various app store accounts, to ensuring platform requirements are met, we’ll help you every step of the way.

6. Manage & Grow

We believe you’re only as good as your last project, so we take every project seriously. When you work with Kintek we want to build long lasting relationships and help you grow as the industry evolves.

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