A Business Web Application is an online software application designed to achieve your business objectives.

Kintek’s Web Application Software assists over 20,000 directors, managers, employees and their customers, get more done; across Australia and the Globe.

Benefits of Web Applications for Business:

  • Collaborate – Staff, customers and suppliers to access the application from anywhere in the world.
  • Improve Business Processes – Automate the management of core business processes
  • Reduce Costs – Increase productivity by streamlining your business systems

Website Development Brisbane:

Kintek specialise in the development of web applications for business. Our services include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • Mobile Development
  • Database design and programming
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce
  • M-commerce
  • Intranet Software
  • If you’re interested you can take a quick look at our development toolkit and standard coding languages we work with.

Promotional Video for Site Management System

If actions speak louder than words, we hope the promotion video of our SaaS (Software as a Service) can give you some insight into what Kintek have achieved. For more information please see the full case study of Site Management System here.

website development brisbane

Kintek Website Development Brisbane

Here are some examples of successful web applications we have developed for our customers:

web development brisbane

Blackberry Development

Kintek’s mobile solution for Campbell Chemicals allows on the road sales staff to lodge information via their Blackberrys into the Active Directory Windows Networking LDAP Secure Servers.

Crucial Data Storage & Backup

Kintek produced a custom backup infrastructure implemented on the hosting environment level and software level, which keeps Thor’s crucial data secure, and highly accessible with 15 minute rolling backups and daily backups to Sydney and USA.

Customer Scheduler

Kintek created a backend system to allow Thor to manage leads coming in from a call centre, clean and Geocode the data using Google Maps and then delegate the enquiries to independent contractors based on their real-time availability and proximity from the job.

Stock Management and Projection

Kintek created a web application to track all stock movement to and from warehouses throughout Australia. Historical data is aggregated into the future to predict when stock will be low based on current sales trends. Automatic stock substitution can occur if stock of one product runs out.

Proximity Search and Google Maps Integration

Kintek integrated the Google Maps API into Thor’s web application to allow them to Geocode addresses and plot them on the map. This information can be used to calculate the closest contractor and to arrange contractors by distance from any origin point. Routes are plotted on a map and users can modify the order of deliveries and see the maps route updated in real-time to help find the quickest route.

Customised Ecommerce

Kintek’s custom ecommerce solution for Classy Tots allow for unlimited nested categories, many to many product to category relationships and unlimited content managed attributes on each product. Images can be attached to individual product combinations as well as overall parent products. Our web development Brisbane team worked to ensure the site launch went as smoothly as possible.

Multi-site Engine

Kintek helped Integria launch a multi company re-brand and build an advanced core website engine from which all their satellite brands are run, speeding up the ability to launch each brand and bringing the individual site development cost down.

Multi-site Multi-Language Engine

Kintek helped Niecon by creating a solution which allows hundreds of sites to run off a single website system with support for multiple language versions of pages as well as different content and templates on different domains. The same system provides multi regional websites which detect the user’s country of origin and using a set of rules (which can be administered) delivers the right language and satellite website to the user.

Data Library

To assist Purple Palate in storing and retrieving their massive data bank of photos, articles, wine tasting notes and other content, Kintek helped develop an online data library, which enables uploading, tagging and advanced fuzzy search on text content to allow Purple Palate staff to quickly ‘Find that File’ in the office or on the road.

Job Scheduling

Kintek developed a web application to facilitate the distribution of weekly and monthly job schedules for Ash Industries. Staff can login to the password protected interface at any time and print upcoming job schedules. The system allows admin to maintain staff login details and update schedules quickly and easily.

Franchisee Intranet

Kinteks Web Development Brisbane team worked with Narellan Pools to design and develop a customised intranet for their franchisees to facilitate communication, order processing and information distribution to franchisee Australia wide. The system also enables franchisees to maintain their own page on the public website, interact with each other via a forum, manage enquiries, appointments, job details and print off relevant reports.

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