Antti Särelä says goACT Managing Director

We are very happy about the outcome. It will be a great improvement when we get everything integrated and operational at our end.

About the goAct Journal GUI Design

goACT was a winner of the Queensland Big Idea innovation award in 2011. goACT wanted to create a user friendly and attractive design and user interface to their web application that would work across Desktop Browsers and Mobile Devices. Their software, goACT Journal, is for health professionals and their clients.

We suggested instead of running two separate systems, one for the desktop and one for the mobile version, we create a responsive design so they don’t need to manage two code bases. We developed a clean, fresh, interactive responsive UI / UX design that they have integrated into their back-end system.

goAct GUI Screens

A system that works everywhere

The goAct system is a complex and integrated system to help practitioners deal with the mental health issues of their patients. Their original system was clunky, and looked very dated. It was originally designed by programmers, and as such it was functional, but very difficult to use and understand. We’ re-imagined their system to work on all devices, from iPhones and Android Phones, to iPads and computers. The first part of their project we worked on was their patient side. 

goAct Homepage GUI Design

Making things fun

The old design was very stale. It had regular slide boxes, and looked very 90′s. Instead of just chucking a skin top of their system, we had long discussions about how people would be using the system, and what can be done to make it more visually appealing, and in turn make people want to use it more. Above you can see just some of the examples with smiley face sliders, and red important sliders to make decisions easier and more visual to end users. 

goAct Diary GUI Screen

Dedicated sections

The previous system we were redesigning had some interesting design decisions that made it kind of clunky to know where you were in the system, and how best to get tasks done. We re-designed it with a persistent top navigation and tabs for individual sections. This mean less clicks and a better visual representation of where you were.

We’re still worked with goAct to reimagine their practitioner side of the system, which is a lot more involved and things are going very smoothly. 

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