Donna Fingland says Haggus & Stookles Partner

We recently worked with the team at Kintek to rebuild our website. The rebuild included a completely new design, and adding on loads of new features for our customers and in the backend for us. One of the key goals we had for the new site was to make it mobile friendly. Kintek suggested and implemented a responsive design for this and it is fantastic. It adapts effortlessly and looks great on all types of mobile devices. At an online retailers conference we attended last week all of the talk was about responsive design and how online stores must move to this, we feel we are already ahead of the game!

Kintek were fantastic to deal with and took a lot of the stress out of rebuilding the website. One of the key factors when undertaking such a big project is trust, and we felt we could trust Kintek with every step of the project, big and small and always had a great amount of support and guidance from them.

The end result is amazing, the feedback we have received from our customers is fantastic, one customer said – I liked your old site but I LOVE your new one! With our customers all busy parents of young children we needed a site that was easy to use, provides the information/images/videos clearly and has a simple checkout process. Kintek achieved all of this and more! Thank you Kintek!

About the Haggus & Stookles Re-development

Haggus & Stookles was a start-up when they first engaged Kintek to design and develop their carefully planned website.

As one of our oldest and dearest clients, we are proud to have worked with Haggus & Stookles for over 7 years. In this time they have become one of Australia’s largest online retailers for children’s products.

The new website launched in 2013 incorporates many new and exciting features and fully integrates their business processes.

Beautifully scalable for viewing on mobile phones and table devices, their new website positions them even further ahead of the competition and paves the way for continued business growth.

Haggus & Stookles Wireframes and Planning

The power of good planning

Wire-frames for the home page, product category page, product listing page, and product page were created. The image above shows the final home page wire-frame, however many iterations of each wire-frame were necessary to fine-tune the layout and determine the optimal way in which we wanted users to interact with the site.

This planning enabled us to concentrate on what was important for end users before focusing on the design or worrying about getting things pixel perfect. 

Haggus & Stookles Responsive Design Product Page

Mobile friendly design

From information pages, to product pages and the checkout process, every page of the website was built to be ‘mobile first’. This means that consideration for how people on mobile devices would use the website was made before any designs were implemented.  

Haggus & Stookles Category Listing Page

Lots of categories, brands, and information

Another interesting challenge was organising all the data, and re-directing information from old locations to new ones. The old website had more than double the categories so we had to redirect products to new locations.

The main menu of the site is a list of top-level categories with an additional drop-down of brands. On mobile devices the categories are collapsed to use the native drop-down widget, making it easier for people to browse. 

Haggus & Stookles Product Page

A product page for everyone

The product was challenging to optimise for cross-platform viewing. The Haggus & Stookles e-commerce system incorporates backordering, multiple images per product, and individual product images tied to product options.

We built in a simple way for users to select images on mobile devices, while not compromising the experience on large desktop screens.

Haggus & Stookles Cart

A simple cart for all devices

The cart took some refining as we had to break it down to it’s simplest components. Eventually we settled on a simple 3 column table with an easy way for users to update quantity and remove items. The scalable progress bar added some usability to visually represent to users where they are in the process of purchasing their new items. 

Haggus & Stookles Facebook Page and Admin Tools

Powerful Admin Tools

One of the biggest components of the redevelopment of Haggus & Stookles was porting across their data from a website built over 5 years ago into a new, modern framework.

The new site is custom built using the Zend Framework, which is the same platform Magento (the largest open source e-commerce system) is built on. We didn’t just move the data, we also upgraded their stock control system and enhanced all the administration tools to make them more powerful and easier to use. Their custom Facebook tab was also improved, which they can manage themselves. 

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