About Site Management System

Thor worked with Kintek to product Site Management System (SMS) – a web application to manage call centre leads and job scheduling to independent contractors. Solution.

Kintek produced a custom backup infrastructure implemented on the hosting environment level and software level, which keeps Thor’s crucial data secure, and highly accessible with 15 minute rolling backups and daily backups to Sydney and USA.

Kintek created a backend system to allow Thor to manage leads coming in from a call centre, clean and Geocode the data using Google Maps and then delegate the enquiries to independent contractors based on their real-time availability and proximity from the job.

Kintek integrated the Google Maps API into Thor’s web application to allow them to Geocode addresses and plot them on the map. This information can be used to calculate the closest contractor and to arrange contractors by distance from any origin point. Routes are plotted on a map and users can modify the order of deliveries and see the maps route updated in real-time to help find the quickest route.

Site Management System Banner Worker Customer List Screenshot

Customer Management

Large volumes of customers are easily searchable and access is managed using a complex permission system. Each customer can have multiple jobs associated with them allowing for advanced reporting and saving duplication. You can download an XLS of the results at anytime to let you easily segment your customer base. From this screen you can also view some key details, and also add a job to a customer. 

Site Management System Banner Worker Customer Details Screenshot

Google Map Enterprise Integration

All jobs and customer’s addresses are geocoded so that they can be displayed on a map. The system also provides the user with an address autocomplete powered by Google Maps. We’re using an Enterprise Google Maps key as it’s a closed off system. 

Site Management System Banner Worker Customer Details Screenshot

Customer Details

A large amount of data is stored for each individual customer and is easily updateable. The customer screen shows all relevant customer details, order history, and much more.

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Job Details

Individual jobs can be updated, completed and cancelled. Each job’s status is automatically updated dependent on the data entered, not only does this save time but it also ensures consistency across the system. All of the job’s information is available to use in searching and displaying jobs.

Site Management System Banner Worker Project Buidler Screenshot

Quote Generation

User’s are able to easily generate quotes with full access to all their products. Individual products can also have their price manually overridden either by a percentage or dollar value amount. Once products have been added to a job they are available in three pdf download; quote, invoice and as a delivery docket. Each pdf can be customized company wide.

Site Management System Banner Worker Availability Screenshot

Measurer Availability

Measurers, the people who go out and quote jobs, can individually have their weekly schedule managed as well as any holidays or rostered days off.

Site Management System Banner Worker Calendar Screenshot


The calendar allows individual users to add calendar events and associate them with customer’s in the system. There is the option for any insertions or updates to an event to result in all associated parties being notified via email on an event by event basis. Each user is able to customize they’re view by toggling other user’s events on and off. Data is also collected from the calendar for reporting purposes.

Site Management System Banner Worker Company Management Screenshot

Company Management

Companies in Site Management System are able to add individual sub-companies to themselves as many levels deep as necessary. This results in a parent-child relationship where the parent is able to see all the data associated with it’s children but not vice-versa. There are filters in place that allow parents to take advantage of this data in reports, allowing for an in-depth overview of individual company performance.

Site Management System Banner Worker Graphs Screenshot


As hinted at above Site Management System as a highly customizable and robust reporting system that provides managers with results in both a graphical chart and and downloadable spreadsheet. Managers are able to restrict and filter results on a wide spectrum of fields including date, the company with access, sales rep, product used and more.

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