Kirra Pendergast says Streaka (Co-founder)

I am so impressed with how the app is looking and how you and your team are looking after us just wanted to make sure that you know how happy we are with how Streaka is looking!!! great stuff!! and a big thanks.

About Streaka

Streaka is an iPad Application and Video Recording Platform for businesses who want to give their customers an exciting way to engage with their brand.

Streaka engaged Kintek with some ideas about video and ways to reach new markets. Originally the idea was to use large computers with touch screens, but we made the suggestion very early on that iPads are the future of video and touch screen devices.

Streaka lets users record themselves and then share their videos in a matter of minutes with themselves or friends and relatives. The videos are uploaded to our server, a customised video ad can be added to the front or back of a video, and the entire thing is then watermarked. Finally these videos are uploaded to YouTube. These videos are shown on a customised responsive Business profile page on Streaka and customers are sent an email link to their video which they can share on Facebook and Twitter.

How it works

Here is a promotion video Streaka put together to show the iPad App in action.


Start Recording

The app went through a wireframe process as we wanted to focus on keeping the app as simple as possible. The homescreen of the iPad app can be customised to show any background image, which makes it really simple to skin for any business. The unobtrusive “Start Recording” button lets you easily record without getting in the way of the functionality. 


Recording in 3…

When we started testing the app we realised it needed a customised countdown to give people time to fix their hair, and get ready to record their video. 


Stop Recording

The video record length is something Streaka can customise on a device by device basis. A recording countdown appears in the top right hand corner so people always know exactly how long they have left. The app uses the iPads front facing camera so you can see yourself as you record. 


Share your video

Once you’re finished recording there’s a few things that Streaka can customise on a device by device basis: There are up to 3 custom questions you can ask users, and you can make any or all of the mandatory. The questions can be text based, dropdowns, or multiple choice. This data is saved to our servers and can be downloaded as a CSV. The submit button is disabled until all mandatory fields are completed correctly. The email address you enter here is then sent the video once it’s finished processing.  


Responsive Profile Landing Page

Each customer can have a customised landing page configured. The page is responsive and works across desktop computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. There are 4 unique sections for customised ads or links Streaka can set-up, and the ‘connect’ and ‘share’ sections let people quickly interact with the videos. 


Powerful Backend

The dashboard pictured above shows the number of videos uploaded overtime. It also breaks down average upload times and other important statistics for Streaka to keep track of their business. 


Video Monitoring

One of the most important parts of the Streaka system is making sure videos are queued up to be processed on our server and then uploaded to YouTube. We’ve built a lot of tracking and stats into the app to make sure we all know how many videos are queued up, where they are in the queue, and which ones are completed or pending. Streaka can configure customers videos to either upload automatically (in an environment where there is trust), or uploading only by approval (in an environment where they want to check each video before releasing it). 


Keeping track of all those iPads 

Keeping track of their customers is integral to Streaka’s business. the Devices tab lets them see exactly who has iPads, who’s using them, and lets them change, update or add iPad devices at anytime. 


iPad Device Management

There are a tonne of customisable features Streaka can add or remove on a device per device basis. In the screenshot above we’ve shown a sample of the customised questions you can add to the final screen of the iPad app, and the media (advertisements) you can add to the homepage and final page of the app, as well as watermark, and the Video Ad to either the start, end, or both sides of the final product. 



We’ve built the ability to ‘clone’ advertisements for devices. Streaka can upload video and media to the system, and then assign these pieces of media to individual clients. Building the clone feature allows them to manage customers separately without having to potentially upload the same media assets time and time again. 

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