About the Triumph NZ Facebook Application

Triumph approached us with questions on how to engage with their customer base in New Zealand and to promote their new Facebook page to gather more social awareness. The campaign was similar to the Australian Triumph campaign, but focused on making the signup process as low-touch as possible. 

To ensure the app got the largest engagement possible the LIKE gate was built so that it didn’t require any Facebook permissions. This meant working around some tricky issues with different browser security policies with 3rd party cookies and iFrames. 


Driving social interaction

The Facebook application was designed to encourage women to fight for their rights. Simple instructions and plenty of prizes to be won.


Select your prizes

The first step was for users to select what they want to win. Using some CSS3 we angled the picket sign so on modern browsers it was on an angle, but still worked on older browsers.


Facebook Fangate

Using a new picket sign to sit in front of the design, we disabled the users ability to enter the competition until they had ‘liked’ Triumph on Facebook. Only by liking the page and making sure you’ve still liked the page before the competition enters could you win. 


Facebook Integration & Permissions

This application featured a low touch (rather than a high touch) submission process. You could simply ‘Sing in with Facebook’, which would has for very basic permissions to automatically fill in the details below, or you could just sign up without using Facebook. This let users decide exactly how they wanted to interact with the competition. 


Terms, Newsletter, & Age

Before users could finish signing up they had to make a conscious decisions as to whether they wanted to receive the newsletter in the future. This was stored on the server for Triumph to be able to market to these people who’ve opted in once the competition was over. Email was a mandatory field so Triumph could get in touch with the winners once the competition was over. 


Invite your friends

Once you were done users were encouraged to invite and share the app with their friends. The ‘Invite your friends’ button opened a Facebook share widget where you can select your friends from a list and then invite in bulk. These invites were tracked and if someone successfully signed up after being invited it was credited to the invitee users account. The Facebook, Twitter, and Email icons also shared a custom URL that you could send to friends and if those friends used that link to sign up to the competition with their entry was ‘credited’ to your account, putting you in the draw for the runner up prize. 

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