About the Triumph Facebook App

Triumph approached Kintek and asked us for help with their Facebook page and to drive social engagement and interaction with their brand online. Kintek came up with the idea to run The Triumph Love Luxury sweepstakes Facebook competition. It end result drove a tonne of traffic to their page and had thousands of online social interactions with the Triumph brand. 

To ensure the competition could reach the largest audience possible we wanted users to be able to use the Facebook App no matter where they were. Facebook applications only work whilst on a desktop computer, so to get around this issue we developed the Facebook App using a Responsive Design. This meant the app worked on computers, tablets like the iPad and Nexus 7, and mobile phones like the iPhone and Android phones. We provided a trackable QR code so potential customers in-store could scan this and enter the competition through their phone. Users on the desktop version of Facebook can enter the competition using the normal Facebook app page.


Great prizes to be done

Users are first greeted with the great reasons to enter the competition: Prizes. Not only were there 4 main prizes to be won, but the person who shares the app with the most friends who also sign up, also win a prize. This drove the social sharing of the app to thousands of people. 


Select a prize

This screen let users select the prize they wanted to win. 


Sign in with Facebook

To sign up we offered two solutions: You could either sign in with Facebook, or fill in the details manually. This gave users choice on how they would have to interact with Triumph. 


Next Step

If you signed up with Facebook your details were automatically filled in as shown above. 


LIKE to enter!

The next step was to like the page before you could enter the competition. We displayed the well known like button, and also showed your friends who also liked the brand already. This social proof is a great way to get more people to sign up. Once they had liked the page they could click “I Have Liked Facebook” to proceed. Facebook like buttons can only be embedded in an iFrame, so using some JavaScript magic we were able to make the iFrame responsive and work on all devices. 


Done! Share to WIN

Once users finished the signup process and entered the competition they were encouraged to share with the prospect of the $200 Triumph Gift Voucher. The Share on Facebook button let users pick from a list of their friends and share directly. The other share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Email let users share with a unique link that would be attributed to their account if people used it to sign up. 

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