Bethany Palesh says Volvo

The app was super easy to use, and looked absolutely fantastic. You guys did a great job. Thanks for working so well in the limited time frame we had.

About the Volvo & Mack Trucks Kiosk iPad Apps

Volvo approached us for ideas for their upcoming Melbourne Truck Show, and we discussed the potential of building an interactive iPad Application to capture customer contact data for Marketing Purposes.  They had prizes to give away and wanted a way to easily capture these details at the show. The limitations were that the app could not be submitted to the iTunes store and there was no wireless connectivity at the trade show event.

Given the very tight timeframe submitting the iPad application to the App Store was out of the question, as the submission process can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Instead we used our Enterprise Apple account to share the app with Volvo so they could install a version on their iPad’s. To get around the wireless issue we saved the data into a CSV spreadsheet within the app which could be downloaded via iTunes at will. The show was a great success and everyone loved the devices, especially the Volvo staff as it made their life easier so they could focus on more important things. 

Volvo & Mack Trucks Enter Competition Screen

UI Design

The app featured a fully custom design. We wanted something that looked and felt tailor build, and ‘good enough’ wasn’t good enough for us. We worked through several design iterations and eventually settled upon the entry screen above. 

Volvo & Mack Trucks Planning Screens

Volvo App Wireframe

It’s always hard to visualise what an end product will look like before it’s built. One way we ensure everyone is talking the same language before we build a project is to wireframe each and every screen. Wireframes don’t look pretty, but that’s not their job. We want to focus on the functionality and the content, and then design on top of that. 

Mack Trucks Planning Wireframes

Mack Trucks iPad App Design

The Mack Trucks version of the app featured a different background, heading, logo, and a different prize selection menu. Because both apps had separate entries and prizes to be won, the download CSV (spreadsheet) was kept separate and distinct. 

Volvo & Mack Trucks Screens

Beautiful Design & Branding

Volvo & Mack Trucks had some very specific branding we needed to adhere to for the design. Volvo came with a 40+ page style guide and Mack Trucks had one similar, but neither had anything on App Design or widget layout. We worked through a number of design iterations until each felt ‘just right’ given the branding they would be using at the show. 

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